Recent work:

“Konzert in 4 Teilen” Composition and Performance
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Paris-Pantin
21 April, 22 April 2018

9 June 2018

On occasion of the exhibition Anselm Kiefer “Für Andrea Emo” I was invited to create a performance. As a concert in 4 parts which reflects the 4 spaces of the gallery, some of the compositions relate directly to Kiefers work while others are based on Emos writings on time and nothingness. I drafted a dress made of silk and cotton which was knitted simultaneously to composing and portrays the passage of time as well as the skin I am going to inhabit throughout the performance.


“WE ARE WE” Dress-Composition and Performance
National Gallery Singapore
19 January 2018 – 28 January 2018

Kunsthalle Osnabrück

26 May, 27 May 2018

For this performance I asked more than 60 women of my life to contribute a piece of fabric associated with a precious memory. Based on a Japanese Boro kimono from the 19th century I stitched these fabrics together into one dress. I wore this dress as I performed my six-hour composition/improvisation for violin and voice.



        Ayumi Paul is a Berlin-based artist, violinist and composer. Her work combines site specific concert, composition, performance, and installation. The intrinsic sound of body, material, and the surroundings is essential to her conceptual approach to creating highly sensitive and often durational performances which expand the possibilities of listening.

       She trained as a classical violinist at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin and Indiana University and gave her solo debut at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall in 2003  from where she continued to perform at the worlds most sought after concert halls while at the same time developing her own distinct approach to music. In recent years she became more widely known in the visual and performative art context and her performances have been exhibited at Kunsthalle Osnabrück (2016), Esther Schipper (2017), National Gallery Singapore (2018), and Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Paris Pantin (2018).





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