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Ayumi Paul / Achim Mohné
“Sketches for violin & vinyl”
Audio CD / Evil Rabbit Records

This project is a collaboration between multi-media artist Achim Mohné and Ayumi Paul. Their compositions are based on the sounds of the locked grooves of Mohnés collection of vinyls and improvisations for violin and voice by Paul.

Work in progress

ETERNAL LOVE is based on a concert created and performed by Ayumi Paul. The concert was recorded at the abandoned tennis court of the Woga-Komplex in Berlin, a group of buildings realized by Erich Mendelssohn between 1925 and 1931. The tennis courts were closed down in 2007 by the investor due to pending disputes with the city of Berlin. Meanwhile trees and bushes have reclaimed the space, turning it into a calm biotope somewhere in the future where our traces  still exist. Witness to the performance were 50 stones which the artist had collected over the past years.


Ayumi Paul is a Berlin-based violinist and composer. Her work combines site specific concert, composition, performance, and installation. The intrinsic sound of body, material, and the surroundings is essential to her conceptual approach to creating highly sensitive and often durational performances which expand thepossibilities of listening.

She trained as a classical violinist at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin and Indiana University and gave her solo debut at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall in 2003 from where she continued to perform at the world’s most sought after concert halls while at the same time developing her own distinct approach to music. In recent years she became more widely known in the visual and performative art context.

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