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Earth Rhythms will be screened at “Afterlude/Prelude: Artists respond to Nam June Paik”, jointly organized by SFMOMA, National Gallery Singapore, with Chronus Art Canter and Tate Modern.

September 18 – 19, 2021

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Song does not know the concept of yes or no, 2021
This participatory composition and installation holds space for the ritual of asking questions. Visitors are invited to take time to write down a question that is relevant to them and which is not answerable with yes or no. They seal the question with a piece of yarn and place it into the box. Nobody is going to ever read the questions. Once the practise of having phrased the question is complete, the visitors enter a dark space which is filled with the sound of bees. I then sing for the visitor who might be able to hear the answer to the question nestled within the song, created instantly and uniquely in the moment. Sometimes the responding song might appear elsewhere, in a dream, in a concert, through the radio, as a bird song, the sound of rain, etc.
(installation view / Gallery Villa Massimo)


Ayumi Paul is an artist and composer who works with sound, performance, paper, textile, film and installation. The interdependency of all phenomena is essential to her practice, which is dedicated to listening and engaging the nonlinear texture of time.

She trained as a classical violinist at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin and Indiana University and performed at many of the world’s major concert halls for more than 15 years, while continuously developing her unique approach to sound. Paul’s work is today mostly presented within visual and performative art contexts, including Blockhouse Gallery Tokyo (2015), Kunsthalle Osnabrück (2016 and 2020), National Gallery Singapore (2018 and 2021), SFMOMA (2021), Auditorium parco della musica (2022).

In 2021 she was awarded with a fellowship stipend of the German Academy Villa Massimo in Rome where she showed a solo exhibition which expanded into poetic encounters and performances at various public spaces throughout the city of Rome. “The Singing Project“, a collective practice and singing sculpture, is currently hosted by the Gropius Bau in Berlin.

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