Earth Rhythms

video work
June 2019 – present

Earth Rhythms is a performance and ritual, which I document through a series of video works.

I begin playing to the rhythms of earth turning when it is light and end when it has turned dark. Playing and listening is one for me. I listen and what I hear is what I play. The largest part of what you see on the screen is the sky and its color subtly changing until all we see is black. It is a ritual of re-turning to darkness again and again.

The first film was shot in January 2020. In the jungle of Mexico I stand on a roof, in an area which used to be the land of the Mayan people. I spent 5 days there together with a small team. Every evening we walked through the jungle to reach that rooftop in order to listen to earth turning and to tune into darkness. The films are created with one shot.


Earth Rhythms
(Yellow Planetary Human)
1- channel film
Color, sound
Recorded in HD
Aspect ratio 16:9
Loop, 28 minutes
Edition 6 + 2 ap

Camera and production: Victoria Clay
Assistant camera and production: José González

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