Earth Rhythms

video work

The one-shot video Earth Rhythms, 2020 shows the artist Ayumi Paul standing on a concrete surface, which is partly overlooked by tropical tree tops. As she tunes into the rotation of the earth with her violin, the sky gradually, almost imperceptibly, grows darker. After everything visible has disappeared into the darkness, the playing continues to resound with the rhythms of the spinning planet. As is often the case in Paul’s work, in Earth Rhythms the compositional contexts are expanded to include the parameters of space and time in such a way that they transcend purely human nature. The artist shifts perceptual perspectives and something non-audible becomes palpable.



  • Ayumi Paul – Sympathetic Resonance, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, March 2020 – June 2020
  • Afterlude/Prelude: Artists respond to Nam June Paik, SFMOMA, National Gallery Singapore, with Chronus Art Center and Tate Modern, September 2021
  • Something in the Air, FAHRGEMEINSCHAFT Berlin, haubrok foundation, September 2022 (upcoming)

Earth Rhythms
1- channel film
Color, sound
Recorded in HD
Aspect ratio 16:9
Loop, 28 minutes
Edition 6 + 2 ap


Concept, performance, direction: Ayumi Paul

Camera and production: Victoria Clay
Assistant camera and production: José González


The video was shot in Yucatán, Mexico.

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