About Project 50

Prepared as a limited release series of 50, each recording of Project 50 is conceived as a site specific aural documentation.

Like a photograph, it details the many layers of conditions, memories, visions and stories coming together at a specific time and place. The nuances of each recording are captured and shared as raw as possible, without cuts and other post production tools. I package each recording by hand. The disc of the first edition (Johann Sebastian Bach, Partita No.2) sits on a plate of wood crafted from the maple used to make violins.  Each box includes a polaroid photo which I took on the day of recording. My intention is to create 50 such releases of 50. These will probably span my lifetime, thus functioning as a documentation of my existence within the relationships and societies I inhabit. By structuring Project 50 in this simple format I seek to encourage an abundance of possibilities as to how it will unfold.


GODDESSES is the third edition of a life time concert in 50 volumes. Each edition of this project is conceived as a site specific aural document of the environment we inhabit. The nuances of the recordings are captured and shared in the rawest form possible and reveal the many layers of conditions, memories, visions, and stories coming together at a specific time and place. I became involved with women’s circles in 2017. Some circles live on while others fade, but every encounter plants a seed. The ritual of coming together with women has become an integral part of my life. The smallest circle consists of only two women and the largest is The Singing Project initiated at Kunsthalle Osnabrück in March of 2019. For this project, twice a month I have been inviting women to come and sing together: not according to a score or in preparation for a concert, but in connection with our own voices to freely sing together, like a swarm of birds or fish. Every time we sing in the nave of the Kunsthalle Osnabrück, formerly a Dominican monastery dating to 1283, I hear chords and colours I have never heard before. Some women have referred to the nave as a womb. On November 18th 2019 I played this unique space to honour every women’s circle that has ever come together. The recording started just after 4 pm. The ebb and flow of city traffic accompanies while the music unfolds in a dynamic yet undisturbed way, including moments of sudden silence. The resonance of the nave is immense and creates out of every note a prism of frequencies. Prepared as a limited release series of 50 unique pieces per edition, each project is packaged with a respective physical memory of the recording. For GODDESSES I have chosen a piece of cotton fabric woven by hand in early 1900. Ayumi Paul (November 2019)

Ayumi Paul


CD on cardboard
2 text cards (risography print) on metapaper extrarough
hand woven cotton from early 1900
hand made cardboard box

23 x 17 x 3 cm / 9 x 6,7 x 1,18 in

Sound engineer: Henrik Havelka
Book binder: Saki Ozeki
Graphic design: Miki Kadokura

Edition of
50 unique pieces

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