About Project 50

Prepared as a limited release series of 50, each recording of Project 50 is conceived as a site specific aural documentation.

Like a photograph, it details the many layers of conditions, memories, visions and stories coming together at a specific time and place. The nuances of each recording are captured and shared as raw as possible, without cuts and other post production tools. I package each recording by hand. The disc of the first edition (Johann Sebastian Bach, Partita No.2) sits on a plate of wood crafted from the maple used to make violins.  Each box includes a polaroid photo which I took on the day of recording. My intention is to create 50 such releases of 50. These will probably span my lifetime, thus functioning as a documentation of my existence within the relationships and societies I inhabit. By structuring Project 50 in this simple format I seek to encourage an abundance of possibilities as to how it will unfold.

“ETERNAL LOVE” inspired by Geoffroy de Lagasnerie

ETERNAL LOVE inspired by Geoffroy de Lagasnerie is the second edition of a life time concert in 50 volumes. Each recording of the project is an aural document of the environment we inhabit and the many layers of conditions and stories coming together at a specific time and place. The nuances of each recording are captured and shared in the rawest form possible, unaltered by cuts and other post production tools. ETERNAL LOVE was recorded on an abandoned tennis court of the Woga-Komplex in Berlin. The courts were part of an ensemble of public buildings designed by the architect Erich Mendelssohn, and built between 1925 and 1931. They were closed down in 2007 by an investor who is planning to tear them down. There is a ongoing dispute between him and the City of Berlin and the courts are locked and off limits to the public ever since. Meanwhile, nature has reclaimed the space, turning it into a calm biotope where only traces of humans exist. On October 1st 2018 I gained secret entrance to the courts. It had been an unusually long summer. That was the first real fall day in Berlin. The air was fresh and the sun shining. A sound engineer, a videographer and a photographer joined me. Birds chirping, leaves falling from the trees, wind blowing, the ground rustling and crackling underfoot, an aeroplane moaning overhead. These were some of the sounds which then mingled with my freely improvised violin playing. I brought with me 50 stones. They were my audience – timekeeper and witnesses to the concert dedicated to ETERNAL LOVE. Prepared as a limited release series of 50 unique pieces per edition, the packaging of each project contains the respective physical memory of each recording.

Ayumi Paul


CD on handmade cotton / abaca / flax cardboard
5 photographs on bamboo paper (Hahnemühle)
text card (risography print) on metapaper extrarough
handmade wrapping paper (flax)
handmade cardboard box

23 x 17 x 3 cm / 9 x 6,7 x 1,18 in

Photographer: Anna Rosa Krau
Sound engineer: Francesco Donadello
Book binder: Saki Ozeki
Paper: Gangolf Ulbricht
Graphic design: Miki Kadokura

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