Violin / Vinyl

Duo collaboration
Music for violin and turntables

         Media artist Achim Mohné and Ayumi Paul create music for Violin and Vinyl and collaborate with their mutual interest in researching the sound/music that lies hidden in the medium itself.

         Achim Mohné started working with record players and other “sound-media-apparatus” in the mid ’90 s. He subjects the support material to a forensic autopsy, for example, by analysing the dust particles inside an ending vinyl groove.  Using a triple vinyl deck set-up, his analytic auditory observations of ending grooves – all grooves sound different, depending on how dust has effected and transformed the soft surface of the vinyl – convert tiny dust particles into a “sound sculpture”. Ayumi Paul composes and improvises within the sound sculptures of dust, weaving an abstract sound path of her own, using extended techniques for violin and voice.

         Their first album was published with the independent label Evil Rabbit Records in 2018. Find more about the album -> here


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