October 2016 – present



This on-going series of compositions is dedicated to making relationship beyond linear timelines and physical borders perceivable as music. I translate and stitch planetary constellations into sound and from a growing series of individual scores, work towards a  sound installation, a folding of time in which all music is audible as one.


Some scores contain the music of a singular moment in time, some of individual moments of birth and death, others are based on relationships of lovers, friends, grandmother and granddaughters and many more. There are scores such as LALIBELA (9.4.3003) which sound as constellations in the future and NINEVEH (29.6.612 BC) which sounds our past. Some scores are perceived as blessings of specific timelines, others as a mending of time, or a folding of several moments in time. 


(18.4.2021 / 4:30 pm / Rome, Italy), 2021

Antique gold thread, cashmere infused with dragon blood, acorn, pine, mimosa on hemp paper

31 x 42 cm, 12,2 x 16,5 in

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