The violin is of Italian origin, crafted by Florentine builder Giovanni Battista Gabrielli around 1750. Working with the energy of the antique wood and the many stories the violin has encountered over time is incredibly inspiring and continues to influence my music making. While many of Gabrielli’s instruments have suffered severe damage over the centuries, this violin is a rare piece in exceptionally good condition that carries an outstandingly beautiful sound. Our relationship has become very strong, a one in a million match, and I dream of the many future sounds and compositions to be created by our unique synergy.
        The violin has been with me on loan for the past 5 years and I believe it is a both a miracle and a challenge as an artist that it found its way to me. Since this year I am forced to secure its purchase or otherwise return it. I cannot imagine having to give up this extraordinary instrument, which has become the heart of my career.
Your generous contribution will make it possible for me to continue to work with the rich material of the violin’s 300yr history. You will enable me to resonate and transform tradition into the future; to bring music to the world together with this precious instrument as you become a part of our unique story.
        Project 50 in this simple format I seek to encourage an abundance of possibilities as to how it will unfold.


PATRON / €10,000 or more


This offer is for an exclusive concert performance by me at a venue of your choice anywhere in the world. The number of attendees and type of event is at your discretion. This is an extraordinary accompaniment to a momentous celebration; an affordable way to secure me and my music as part of a performance programme or cultural event; or an incredible gift idea for a music lover. It includes consultation with me on curating the performance and selecting material appropriate to your occasion. Travel and accommodation will need to be provided.


SPONSOR / €3,000 or more


Spend an unforgettable evening hosted by me. Provides you with access for 1 person to a private concert performance as well as dinner and drinks in my home. This is a unique way to celebrate a special event and treat yourself or friend/family member(s) to a remarkable evening of exquisite music and delectable cuisine in a private setting. Maximum number of guests in attendance is 10.


SUPPORTER / €1,000 or more


You are invited to attend a concert performance by me in my home. This is a truly special cultural event with sublime music in a sumptuous environment. Provides you with access for 1 person to an elegant reception with a maximum of 30 guests in attendance.


Please contact me for more information:
ayumi (at)

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