a matter of space

3 day performance for
Ilit Azoulays solo exhibition
December 2014
Herzilya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel

          “Being in “UNFOLDING”, is like being aware of history without the act of remembering. It is the experience of the present within a space and time specific event, akin to Dorothy walking on the yellow brick road, remembering her home was blown away through her discovery of another world. The attentiveness needed by the viewer is completely different from listening to a concert. This performance enrols all the senses to take part. It is personal, not general. It completely transforms over the hour and it can not be repeated. It is a one-time event, one time complex emotion, one time journey. The weirdest side effect of the performance is that it doesn’t leave you. It stays as an abstract memory. Ayumi and Ilit are creating a history unlike that which exists through text & story telling. It is rather a history that exists by breaking text into letters, and creating amnesia. This amnesia makes the assembly of broken signs from different times possible to combine. And in doing so, creating a whole, an existence. It is specific and pre-textual. It is just there. You are not required to remember it. You can’t. All you can do is be present, and be a part of it.”

Avri Olschwang

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