Concept: Maureen Jeram, Ayumi Paul
Composition: Ayumi Paul
Voice: Maureen Jeram
Violin, Piano, Vocals: Ayumi Paul
Sound technician: Daniel Plewe

         Rubber Boots was created by painter Maureen Jeram and violinist Ayumi Paul, when they were asked to participate in the “Frost Radio” project in Seoul/Korea, curated by Sora Kim Haeju Kim and Ari Benjamin Meyers. Participants were asked to contribute short audible projects, which were transmitted through a temporary radio station moving through Seoul.

         Maureen Jeram describes a series of Rubber Boots paintings of hers, while Ayumi Paul improvises miniature pieces for violin, prepared piano and voice relating to the different colours of the boots.
Rubber BootsMaureen Jeram, Ayumi Paul

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