Performance by
Mariana Hahn and Ayumi Paul
October 2017
Der Raum, Berlin

          Once upon a time there existed a tradition of exchange between the people and the land, a respect and unity within the nature they inhabited.
Once a year people would ascend mountains carrying offerings of fresh milk and snakes would appear at night from within the earth and drink of the milk. One year, a man waited for the queen of the snakes to come for the milk offering, he beheaded her and then drank all knowledge from her body which was the breath of life, the unformed story of existence.
          Milk for Snake is a ritual performance that lasts about 1.5 hours:
         Two white dresses hang on a rope within the space of the performance. The dresses are those that are worn by the artists during the performance. Antique linen table cloths are placed in a square on the floor.
          Ayumi and Mariana walk naked into the space and change into the white dresses. Ayumi plays the violin standing inside or outside bowls of milk, she moves through the space and also from bowl to bowl which are placed all over the place, (there are empty bowls too and the amount of the overall bowls is depending on the space). Mariana pours milk from one bowl to another. Mariana moves, stands, sits or reaches into the milk. Everything happens very slowly. Within the space are also placed different votive objects, such as a few bowls of crystallised braided silk threads.

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