FORGIVENESS is a performance piece currently in development by Iyar Elezra and Ayumi Paul. Both have met at a point in their lives where they consciously make an effort to leave behind what they have learned, trained as and become successful in so as to experience what else there is to discover in unexplored realms. While embarking into the unknown they commit this work to transformation through the act of forgiveness. What does it really mean and how does it change the future physically? What do I need to see in order to be able to forgive myself and others. How would we move/destroy/react/sing if we were deeply experiencing oneness with everything around us? 

“The possible redemption from the predicament of irreversibility──of being unable to undo what one has done──is the faculty of forgiving. “ Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition


For I HEAR LIGHT Ayumi Paul recorded sounds at the Kunsthalle over the duration of a year and a half. Among the myriad of sounds captured are some documenting the three exhibitions preceding her installation, her overnight stay at the hall, as well as everyday sounds such as birds, rain, the laughter of visitors and the mechanical pinging of a heater. During 2 performances on November 20 2016 and January 8 2017, these sounds were activated as a site specific installation, using raw mp3 modules which she built herself connected to simple speakers placed throughout the Kunsthalle. Each module became a singular object containing one specific sound amplifying an already present aural characteristic. As audiences moved through the performance they added their own sounds while the artist played violin, sang, and moved through the space intuitively switching modules on and off – spontaeneously arranging each 8-hour performance. The simultaneity of disparate sound events created a consciousness of time and unveiled the relationship between all things embedded in an infinite process of change. The work was conceived in close dialogue with Jan Tichy during his preparation of “Installation No.29 (Neues Rathaus)” as both works influenced each other in a continuous cycle created by their interplay.


TO THE BIRDS is a site specific concert project by illustrator and artist Sarah Illenberger, sound artist Alexis Georgopoulus and violinist Ayumi Paul.
The performance is based on sounding objects and sculptures created on site by Sarah Illenberger. Under the sound direction of Alexis Georgopoulis partly amplified and looped, Ayumi Paul uses the objects to create a soundscape and in a live process creates music for violin, voice and Illenbergers installation.
The Tuscan Edition was created and performed at Villa Lena in September 2016.


Zamin Baazi, which means playground in farsi is a project in collaboration with Leonie Roessler, a composer and sound artist currently living in Den Hague.
Leonie Roessler created a soundtrack from field recordings she took during her stay in Teheran in the spring of 2015 and composed a violin solo piece to be performed with the sound track. The composition is a modular which presents a huge amount of possibilities
- many more than can possibly be featured in a given performance.
The intention is NOT to make the performer play as much of the material
as possible, but rather to have her chose a path through the piece
carefully (or freely in the moment).

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UNFOLDING is a project that explores the possibilities inherent to site-specific concerts. UNFOLDING assumes that everything we create already excists.
„UNFOLDING a matter of space“ is a collaboration between Ilit Azoulay and Ayumi Paul and was first presented in January 2014.
They were invited to present their work at Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in November 2015.

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Rubber Boots was created by painter Maureen Jeram and violinist Ayumi Paul, when they were asked to participate in the “Frost Radio” project in Seoul/Korea, curated by Sora Kim Haeju Kim and Ari Benjamin Meyers. Participants were asked to contribute short audible projects, which were transmitted through a temporary radio station moving through Seoul.

Maureen Jeram describes a series of Rubber Boots paintings of hers, while Ayumi Paul improvises miniature pieces for violin, prepared piano and voice relating to the different colours of the boots.

Rubber BootsMaureen Jeram, Ayumi Paul

AMAEBI is the band name of media- and sound artist Achim Mohné and violinist Ayumi Paul. They create music for Violin and Vinyl and collaborate with their mutual interest in researching the sound/music that lies hidden in the medium itself.

Achim Mohné started working with record players and other “sound-media-apparatus” in the mid ’90 s. He subjects the support material to a forensic autopsy, for example, by analysing the dust particles inside an ending vinyl groove.  Using a triple vinyl deck set-up, his analytic auditory observations of ending grooves – all grooves sound different, depending on how dust has effected and transformed the soft surface of the vinyl – convert tiny dust particles into a “sound sculpture”.  Ayumi Paul composes and improvises within the sound sculptures, creating an abstract sound path of her own, using extended techniques for violin and voice.

They are currently recording their first album.

AmaebiAchim Mohné and Ayumi Paul

Aki Takase heard Ayumi Paul perform the „Partita“ by Witold Lutoslawski in 2012 and afterwards convinced her to start improvising and to collaborate with her. They have been working together since. Both coming from completaly different backgrounds, each of them is bringing their own musical language into an expressive dialogue of sounds without any limitation of genre or style. They improvise freely but often use material of Takases compositions too. Their first album Hotel Zauberberg, recorded at RBB Berlin-Brandenburg studio was released on INTACT and received praising reviews.

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AnkunftAki Takase & Ayumi Paul

Photographs from “A Song to heaven or Japan Sublime in Frank Lloyd Wright”, the award winning travelogue project by architect Marta Pedro are the starting point for a creative collaboration between her and violinist Ayumi Paul. They started their collaboration in August 2013, when they performed an enthusiatically received live performance of an improvised dialogue between images and sounds at the BLOCKHOUSE gallery in Tokyo.