by Ari Benjamin Meyers in collaboration with
and performed by Ayumi Paul
June-July 2017 Esther Schipper, Berlin

          In preparation for Solo for Ayumi, which Ari Benjamin Meyers intended to base on my life, I decided to write him letters. I used the same technique the writer Sarah Kane used and the letters became deeply personal. For the show, Ari encrypted each letter with a composition that I then performed and transformed into 6 hours every single day of the exhibition at Esther Schipper. Alongside this performance, which formed the core of the exhibition, we chose to exhibit selected objects and artifacts belonging to me as diptychs, paired with the letter-scores. Those diptychs were displayed either framed on the wall or laid out in large vitrines. 

          I tried to reach a state of total calmness prior to starting to “perform”. While the exhibition was using my life story to uncoil the rhythem of incidents that shape a person, my aim was to sublimate the words of my letters and transport them onto a plane that is accessible to everyone. The basis of my performance was total surrender to everything that happened, happens and might happen.

photos Solo for Ayumi by Andrea Rossetti © Esther Schipper

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